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David the Guitar Man. Haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet, but if he’s into Todd Rundgren, we’re gonna hit it off famously. David plays guitar for Damaged Goods, writes music, and is from Elmira NY. I think you’re gonna love the “Revelator” on Sunday nights, 6-9 pm right here on TSN, The SuperNetwork!

I know a LOT of people in the music and radio biz. A LOT. But there is one guy I know that bleeds music from his veins, and that’s Keith King. When we started talking about building WTRA and the studio, Keith was one of those guys that wanted in, and couldn’t wait to get […]

And then there was John. I’d never met the man, he just showed up on my radar one day and the next day he was “the man.” With talent on loan from God, this amazing Ex-Marine just has it all. John took a couple of rooms, some equipment and turned it into the premier recording […]

We were jamming on air one night, just chattin’ up what’s out there on the horizon, and somebody mentioned Arizona. One thing led to another and suddenly Tucson seemed like a good idea. It might have been the beer talking, but the minute we said Tucson, this guy named Paul showed up on our Facebook […]

A child was born, and so it began. The child’s faith in Christ grew and grew, and a life of wonder, beauty, frantic pace, kiddos, and an endearing way of making peace with the world at large, even when it gets tough. Melissa is a true one-off. Trust me, I was there for some of […]

The Year, 1966 The Deed, The J Walter Experience begins, 9-7-66 The Outcome, Radio was never the same Gallery My Favorite Quote “All you really need to know, you learned in Kindergarten” Unknown

The California Hills are ALIVE with the sounds of RACMAN Radio & Jesse W. Martin. Jesse is on air with Contemporary Christian Sounds three times a week. Interviews with current stars, and ALWAYS the WORD of the Lord! Vertical Praise and Worship became popular a few years ago, and Jesse takes it straight to heaven […]

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