Melissa Winston, MS LMFT / On Air Talent

A child was born, and so it began. The child’s faith in Christ grew and grew, and a life of wonder, beauty, frantic pace, kiddos, and an endearing way of making peace with the world at large, even when it gets tough.

Melissa is a true one-off. Trust me, I was there for some of it, and there’s a song called “Ain’t Nothin’ gonna keep me down,” I don’t know who did it, but it so accurately describes this bundle of energy as bright as the sun itself.

For the last 20 odd years, Melissa has been intimately involved in healing broken children. Kids, Teens. Her work is her ministry and she’s a huge success.

You’ll get to hear more about her, but more importantly, more about how YOU can learn to deal with those terrible two’s and teen angst.

Get ready to rumble.

Visit Melissa’s Professional Site: Christian Teen Therapy


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