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We were jamming on air one night, just chattin’ up what’s out there on the horizon, and somebody mentioned Arizona. One thing led to another and suddenly Tucson seemed like a good idea. It might have been the beer talking, but the minute we said Tucson, this guy named Paul showed up on our Facebook feed and wanted in. I flew out to Tucson and met him at a local IHOP and Mr. Graffeo turned into the exact center of our Tucson radio experiment.

Coming soon to a radio near you, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Paul Graffeo.

A fixture on the Tucson music scene, Paul knows the lay of the land, and more than that, he has the drive, ambition and talent to make it all work.

Keep an eye out for the man from the west, the Tucson Arizona music scene will NEVER be the same again.


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